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General Information & safari tips

Geographically, Kenya is located halfway along the east coast of Africa, on the equator. It is the most most accessible country in the region. Home of the classic safari - Kenya has been a premier safari destination for many years. Kenya's appealing attractions range from breathtaking scenery, cultural diversity, adventure sports and beautiful beaches to unique wildlife. The diversity of the many game parks is fascinating. Kenya boasts the Kenya is the only country in the world with a
national park in the capital.

Kenya is a well-developed safari destination and most of its and most of its attractions are relatively easy to reach. There are regular flights to even the most remote destinations, although some isolated reserves are difficult to reach. If you hope to travel by road and are a self-drive adventurer, Kenya is best suited to experienced travelers who are familiar with Kenya. Remember that the equator divides Kenya and the weather tends to be hot and humid, especially in summer.


Opening hours at most commercial banks are Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 18h00 and on
Saturday mornings. ATMs are located throughout Kenya's major city centres and shopping malls.
The currency is the Kenyan Shilling. 1 KSH consists of 100 cents. Please check with your hotel for daily exchange rates. Foreign currencies such as the USD are widely accepted. However, please note that dollar notes printed before 2008 are not accepted in Kenya as there was a large amount of illegal processing of dollar notes in the country at that time.

High denominations may also not be accepted. Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are accepted by most restaurants, shops and hotels. Proof of identity may be required, please carry passport or photo identification with you.


The usual security guidelines also apply here Do not leave your luggage unattended and always keep your valuables nearby or locked. It is advisable to avoid deserted areas, especially at night. Dress-down (i.e. do not wear excessive jewellery. Concealed travel purses are recommended.

Kenya's climate

Kenya is located in East Africa on the equator and the weather is generally hot all year round, with humidity increasing in the summer months.
The climate along the coast is tropical and characterized by higher rainfall and temperatures throughout the year. Inland, the climate is described as dry and hot with less rainfall.

Average summer temperatures
(September to April)
Maximum: 34 ̊C / 194 ̊F
Minimum: 20 ̊C / 68 ̊F


Average winter temperatures (May to August)
Maximum: 25 ̊C / 77 ̊F
Minimum: 11 ̊C / 52 ̊F


Long rains: April - May
Short rain: November

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