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Sacred Lake Nkunga

In Combination with your Safari to Nanyuki, Samburu or Meru 

Saruni warriors
40 USD
01.01. - 31.12.2024

The sacred lake nkunga

Nkunga is a sacred lake of the Meru people of Kenya, the lake is about 4 kilometers from Meru Town on the Meru/Isiolo/Nanyuki Road. Its origin can be traced to the eruption of the volcanic cone off Mt. Kenya which threw lots of rock and volcanic ash that now covers most of the surrounding farmlands. The volcanic action left the bowl-shaped crater on the western side of the forest, this has slowly filled up with underground inlets to form the lake. Overtime it has become a traditional washing site of the local community. The lake is protected by the Meru council of elders (Njuri Ncheke) who for decades have use the lake for cultural and traditional purposes, it was only accessible to the traditional rainmakers when they went to appease the gods.


Legends and myths hold that the water mass was the home of a mystical seven-headed dragon ‘Nkunga’, which could swallow whoever dared go anywhere near the lake. The dragon was believed to guard the water source and help keep the forest safe from deforestation.


The mouth of Nkunga is said to have been at a nearby hill, Maitei, with its body stretching underground through the lake all the way to the Nyambene Hills.


Lake Nkunga is surrounded by a thick forest on its edges, giving it tranquility and impressive serenity punctuated with natural springs and Its splendid beauty embraces you the very moment you walk down its rocky paths to the lake.


The green carpet that surrounds the lake provides a calm resting place for those who visit this sacred place. Most often, you might come across a herd of elephants taking a bath in the lake before disappearing into the forest.


The total area occupied by the lake is about 96 acres and its waters from underground wells keep it full throughout the seasons.



  • On your way to Meru NP we will stop over with picknic lunch

  • Day excursion from Nanyuki. Transfer time one way 90minutes

  • Day Excursion from Samburu / Shaba. Transfer time 2-2,5 hours



Hiking boots | Binoculars | Camera | hat | sunscreen | sunglasses | guidebook




  • Professional English Speaking Guide

  • Return ground transport: Pick-up & drop-off at hotel

  • Sanitizers, Masks & Drinking Water during trip

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