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Kisumu Impala sanctuary

Impala at lake shore

Kisumu Impala sanctuary

A Refuge for Wildlife and Nature Lovers!

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a picturesque and ecologically diverse wildlife park in Kisumu, Kenya. With its location on the shores of Lake Victoria, this park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The park covers an area of about 38 hectares and is known for its abundant wildlife and the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife up close.


What to see and do


Although Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is rather small, it is home to an impressive variety of wildlife. The park's landmark is undoubtedly the Thomson's gazelle, also known as the impala, which gives the park its name.

In addition to the impressive gazelles, visitors can also observe giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, ostriches and various bird species in their natural environment.

The Park is characterized by its picturesque landscape of rolling hills, savannahs and Lake Victoria. For bird lovers, the park offers a variety of opportunities to spot and photograph rare bird species.

How to get there


Kisumu Impala Park is located only a few kilometers from Kisumu town centre and is easily accessible by car. The proximity to the city makes the park a convenient destination for day visitors who want to enjoy nature and wildlife without having to travel far.

  • By Road - Kisumu is 355km north-west of Nairobi. The sanctuary is located 3km from Kisumu City near Hippo point. Drive- in visitors to use Sitatunga gate whereas walk- in visitors are advised to use Main gate.

  • By Air - The flight from Nairobi takes around one hour and there are regular flights operated by local airlines. countries)

  • By Water - Kisumu is linked by ferry with Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, and Mbita



The average temperature usually varies between 20°C to 30°C. During the hot months, however, the thermometer can easily climb above 30°C.

Night temperatures can be slightly cooler, but overall the climate in this region remains relatively mild.

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